Friday, March 30, 2007


Here is a sneak peak at Mr. Miles! We had a great time romping through the grass! Miles had on a new pair of sandals and wasn't too excited about them getting wet. I showed him my sandals so he could see that they were wet too! He thought that was funny! This little boy is such a little man. TOO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Miss Josie

Quick post of Miss Josie! I saw this pic and had to post it! She and Ella had a great time playing. What a beautiful child. Mom it was all worth it LOL!


Hey guys, just wanted to let you know that I am having problem with my email account. I have several people that have said they've emailed and I haven't recieved the messages. If you don't get a reply from me I didn't get it:) Please resend any orders or questions you guys have! Thanks and have an absolutely wonderful day:)!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

I wanna be a Cowgirl!!!!

If I looked like this I would definately want to be a Cowgirl! LOL:)
I had such a great time shooting Madelyn for her upcoming event. She was an absolute doll. I know she changed clothes at least 6 times and looked absolutely stunning in Everything.
Good luck in May Madelyn. I hope these pics will bring you luck!

Jen's Bridal!!!!

This is beautiful (sassy:):)LOL) Jen! Lisa and I had SO much fun doing her bridal in South AR. It was such a beautiful location. We will be there in a few weeks for the wedding! I pray we have the same kind of weather. Here are a few favs! Enjoy

Hey guys, I would LOVE to hear your comments!

Good night! C

Monday, March 26, 2007


This is Miss Aubrey!!!!! My Ella talks about her ALL the time! She is such a gorgeous girl on the inside and out. Such an amazing heart for her age. We did these fun shots for a magazine cover!!! She was such the model:) Love you Aubrey!

Ducks, Ducks, Ducks!

It was an experience to say the least! The ducks did so great. We had so much fun with them. Oh yeah and so did the kiddos:):):)! Here are a few for you guys! Don't worry the others are coming. I was getting tired and decided to go ahead and post the ones I had! Thanks so much for the great turn out! A BIG thank you to Andrette at 3 C's in a Pod!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, March 23, 2007

I have to post this beautiful girl who is so full of personality! Her mom has been so patient with me! I promise they are almost finished Misty. You guys enjoy a couple of my favorites.

I will be at 3 C's in a Pod tomorrow doing pictures. That should make for a great post!!!! If I survive that is:)

Enjoy Miss D!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Jen and Danny's Engagement Session

Well, we made it back from Illinois from our course! Jeffrey and Julia Woods are such amazing people inside and out. I was in amazement at how they opened their lives to us. I feel so blessed to have met them. It was most definately a life changing experience:)

Lisa and I spent the afternoon with Jen and Danny for their engagement session in Little Rock. They are such a fun couple and we had a great time! Here are a few pics from the day:)

You guys were GREAT! I can't wait for your bridals on Monday Jen!

Friday, March 9, 2007

New blog

Well here we go! I have wanted to do this for a long time, so here it is! This will be a great way to keep in touch with all of you. Feel free to post comments. I would love to hear from you guys. I hope to use this blog to keep you guys informed on events, promotions, and a few sneak pics from your sessions:)

Lisa Felts, from Conway, and I are off to a course in Chicago on Sunday. I hope to have LOTS of great new ideas for you guys:)

WOW, where do I begin. I have had some amazing sessions lately.

I think I will start with Miss Allison or should I say Miss Ally, as she has named herself.This little girl is simply out of this world! She is so excited about her new little baby brother:)Here are a few favs!

See you soon Miss Ally:)

This next shoot was well let me just say a RIOT! Literally at one point we were all 3 on the floor rolling and laughing. Tracy I LOVE this guy! I wish I could bottle up the energy you guys share between eachother! AWESOME!............................................

I can't do a first blog withoutshowing Mr. Tanner Beau and Mr. Cole's 1st Birthday! I can't believe I shot their moms 1 year ago for maternity portraits!
Time flies!!!!!!!!!!!!!....................................

We were determined to get this shot!

Mr Cole...........................................

Dad was such a great sport! I love the look on Cole's face as he is looking at mom!!!

And here are Holly and RJ! These kiddos are 3 years and 9months. We had such a good time! Miss Holly is SO grown up! I loved her expression! RJ, I'm pretty sure is a ham most of the time!

A few favs.......................................................................

How cute is this petticoat! It is from 3C's in a pod, Cabots new children boutique! You guys should check it out! She has some absolutely adorable clothes!

It is beside Quiznos, I always reference drxns from food landmarks:)LOL

What eyes!!!!!!!

OK guys! There it is, my first offical blog! Pretty exciting!!!! Don't look at the time on this:) You know I have to do things when the kiddos are sleeping. Here is a quick 9month picture of my little man:)
Ella will be coming soon:)