Friday, March 21, 2008

Yeah, It's Spring!

Thank goodness Spring is here.
I had 2 sessions in the wonderful weather:)
Here is Miss P, she is now 1.
We had such a great time "chasing" her:)
Happy Birthday sweet girl!

Monday, March 10, 2008

My little man!

Well the kids are finally starting to feel better. I'm telling you I can absolutely not wait for SPRING!
I have used an entire can of lysol on my house.
I'm ready to open some windows!
Here is a quick pic of my little man. His shirt says "Cowboys and Indians". Too funny!

Mr C

I love the personality in these shots.
This little man was apprehensive at first! By the end of the session he was laughing and running around.
He had to show me his "tough man" with the stick! LOVE boys!

Miss A

Remember a little while back when I posted maternity portraits of Laura who owns The Sassy Stork in Little Rock. Well, here is Miss A who was the result! Is she not just precious! Thanks Laura, I had a great time! All you girls who are expecting should definatley check out her store in the Pleasant Ridge Town Centre.

I couldn't decide on color or b/w:)

Friday, March 7, 2008

Mr C

Are these eyes not a photographers dream.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Hey guys,
Just wanted to quickly let you know what has been going on.
We are in the new house but just today got internet capability.
Please know that I will be returning all email requests within the next 24 hours.
Also, my husband has moved us to the "woods" LOL so my phone reception isn't that great.
On top of that I think both kids have the flu. Well its been a "little" crazy.
We received some water damage at the studio yesterday which is going to put us behind schedule.
I really am smiling while I type this:):):)
I know that God is taking care of us and this will all be WAY worth it!

If you have called or emailed to schedule an appointment within the last week and I have not called or emailed you back by tomorrow afternoon please note that I did not receive the message.
All call and emails will be returned by tomorrow:)
I appreciate you guys patience more than you know!
Thanks, Christy