Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Happy Birthday Miss E

Yes, Yes, Yes I know:) I have not been blogging. Guys I will get caught up I promise.
All you moms who are looking for your little ones. They are coming.
I also have several engagment sessions that will be up soon.
I have been "trying" to get everyones orders in:)
You guys are the best.

Here is Miss E. I had to post her precious birthday inviation. This little girl is so near to my heart. She was born about a week after my little man. She has had a miracle year to say the absolute least. "You go Miss E in your bikini, I LOVE it!"

Well and here is "Big" brother Mr. A..... This kid is too funny. I couldn't resist this shot he gave me. I just stepped back and there "it" was:) Mom this is a definate year book photo:)

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

My turn please!

OK so my 4 year old comes up to me tonight and says "Mommy will you take my picture please?" I asked if she was serious bc she has NEVER asked that before. I guess she was just in the mood:)
She even said "Look mom I will do the face with my mouth closed". I cracked up at the one!
Here she is, of course we didn't even brush her hair!

Handsome Boys!

How beautiful are these children!!!!! I had such a great time working with these two. My "baby" will be 1 tomorrow so I LOVE getting to hold these babies. It goes by SO fast.
I'm so lucky to have a job where I get my "baby fix":) LOL on a frequent basis.
Thanks so much for letting me capture this awesome stage of their life.

Here are a few favs.

Monday, June 4, 2007

New Gallery Wraps!!!!!!

I am so excited! I recieved my first shipment of gallery wraps that you guys have ordered. Let me just say I was blown away. These pieces are AMAZING!
I am going to try and get a good shot of them for you guys who haven't seen them.
To my clients that have ordered them off of my judgement, God love you! You aren't going to be dissapointed! Really incredible!