Tuesday, January 29, 2008


SO SO SO SO much is going on right now:)
As you see it is 2am and I am blogging.
I have been working all night and thought I would tell you all what has been happening.
First, YEAH a new studio.
I am told that the studio will be ready Feb. 18th!
You guys know how happy that makes me.
When I started this business 4 years ago I never dreamed it would take me to the point where I am.
I am so incredibly blessed and I KNOW that it is my calling to photograph.
I will post pictures of the studio as soon as I can.
We are picking out paint colors, so exciting!!!!!

Next, I just returned from an absolutely amazing senior workshop in Arizona.
The pictures that I am posting are actual seniors.
I will be looking for 2009 seniors who could possibly be models at this incredible event in Las Vegas next year!

Third, we have sold our house and are moving:):)
We are excited and a little unsure about what is coming our way but, we know that we will be taken care of.

Fourth, look for an article about Christy Hollingshead Photography in February's Abode Magazine!
SO many wonderful things happening and I can't thank you guys enough!
You guys encourage me, support me, and sometimes get me out of my comfort zone.
You know I have found I think that is what I love the best.
It keeps me on my toes spiritually and artistically.

Please remember the new email address, chphotography1@mac.com
More coming soon.........

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Thank you Beth Hunt!

I wanted to quickly post a thank you to Good Morning Arkansas Beth Hunt.
She featured me as one of her favorite things of 2007 on Good Morning Arkansas 2 days.
It is such an honor to work with such wonderful caring people.
Here is al link to the blog where she talks about me. I was really super excited! Thanks to all you guys who have called after seeing me on Channel 7.
Also, I wanted to let you guys know I have a new email address.
It is chphotography1@mac.com.
Thanks so much and picture posts coming soon!

Click here to see Beths Blog, then scroll down:)

Wednesday, January 2, 2008


Just wanted to tell everyone Happy New Year and thank you guys so much for such an amazing 2007.
I hope to bring even more to 2008.
I am scheduled to attend several workshops this year all over the country.
The first will be a Senior workshop this month in Arizona.
I plan to bring a cutting edge approach to senior portraits to this area:)
I am SO SO SO excited about this opportunity.
I have the greatest clients anyone could ask for. I thank you guys for your loyalty and your continued referrals.
You guys are really the BEST! I promise updated Blog posts will come soon.
I had to take some time away from the craziness of the past 3 months.
I think I did 125 sessions over the past 3 months!!!!! YIKES! It was crazy but we got through it:)
Thanks guys and again Happy New Year!