Thursday, November 29, 2007

Out of Town:)

Hey everyone.
Just wanted to let you guys know that I will be out of town until Monday.
I will attempt to check emails and return phone calls during this time.
Darcy will also be working with clients. Thanks and have a great week!

Monday, November 26, 2007

The C Kids

The H Kiddos

Hope everyone is having a great day!
I am trying so hard to get caught up on everything:)
Here are some precious kiddos! I hope you enjoy dad!

Miss L

I know this mom is seriously hitting refresh on her screen every few minutes:) LOL
I don't blame her, this little girl is absolutely gorgeous. The first time I photographed her she was about 3 months and oh my she had those same big eyes.
It's so funny to watch these kiddos grow up and change so much.
We had a great session despite the Arkansas mosquitos??? Who would have thought, arn't those supposed to be gone by now.
Miss L took it all in stride. Dad even brought his truck to haul the green couch:) I'm sure mom had nothing to do with that:)
Enjoy guys!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

The C Girls

Hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving holiday. I can't believe it is almost Christmas. It really snuck up on us this year! Well guys, I am super swamped and loving it but..............I know you guys are waiting for posts. I promise to get to them as fast as I can. I was until last week a one woman show. I have finally hired an assistant, her name is Darcy. I know you guys are going to LOVE her! Those of you waiting for Christmas Cards, frames, orders, viewings, etc....I tell you this because you will probably be getting a call from Darcy for scheduling. I am so incredibly blessed to have such wonderful and patient clients:) LOL!

Here are the C girls! This was just one of those sessions when you say "Wow that was easy". The older girl seriously should do modeling. She was an absolute dream. I hope mom enjoys the pics to show off to family. I truly loved working with you guys and will see you soon!

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Miss A

This is Miss A. These guys drove from Jonesboro to see me:) Is this little girl not gorgeous! She was so much fun to work with and I loved watching her parents watch her. I wish I could have a videographer follow me on shoots to document this day for the parents. It is really incredible to watch the pride and absolute joy! They absolutely adore this little girl. She did such a great job and I can't wait to share these.

Also I wanted to quickly thank Allison Courtney from Todays THV for showcasing me as one of her favorite things for 2007. The Morning Show did a clip on the hosts favorite things of 2007 and I was honored to be one of Allisons.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Miss C and Miss L

I LOVE this family. I have been photographing these guys since Miss C was 6 months old. Now with Miss L along I know I will be seeing a lot more of them. Hope you guys enjoy the pics:)

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

Just wanted to tell everyone Happy Thanksgiving!
I am so thankful for so many things. Most of all my faith and family. My husband who gets up to take the kids for me because I have scheduled 8am appointments for the last 2 weeks:) My kids, who are so wonderful! I've promised Ella HighSchool Musical tickets since we missed out on Hannah:) ( FYI, if anyone knows of tickets to Hannah I'm your girl! We could work out a deal:))
Everett is seriously the happiest child in the world. You just glance at him and he gives you that scrunched up nose smile!
I am so incredibly thankful to have been blessed by God so much. He has taken my faith and buisness to a whole new level this year. He has put us in the hands of some wonderful friends who have changed our lives forever. He introduced us to a church that we fell absolutely in love with. I hope you guys all enjoy your families today and take a few minutes to "REALLY" feel thankful for what you have been given.
God bless, Christy

Mr M

I promised Mr M's mom she would have a peek for today.
Isn't this little boy just precious. He was 6 months. I absolutley love this age, they think everything I do is "the greatest":)

The O Family

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone:)

I had to quickly post this family. They traveled a very long way to see me and we had the absolute BEST time.
They were so much fun to work with and I felt so comfortable with them.
As you can see they have a gorgeous family and are so blessed.
I know their family is going to love seeing these on this Thanksgiving day!
Thanks guys!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The J Family

Here is the "J" Family.
We had SUCH a great time.
Its a nice change to photograph a family every once in a while without "chasing" them:)
I think we are doing 5 foot gallery wraps for moms room and I can't WAIT to see them:):)
Mom actually found this old bus and it completely ROCKED!
Thanks guys, I hope you enjoy!

Monday, November 19, 2007

The C girls

You know how when you meet someone and you feel like you have known them your whole life????? Well thats exactly how I felt with the mom of these children. By the time I did their viewing appointment we were finishing eachothers thoughts. Scary huh! LOL The first time this mom called me we talked forever on the phone. She said "I think we are sisters from different mothers". Meeting people like her is what makes me so happy to do this wonderful job. Her girls are just as wonderful as she is and I am so thankful to know them:) Thanks girls and see you soon!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Baby "L"

Well........what a day this has been. For those of you who knew about little man being SO SO SO sick he is doing much better.
He is actually sleeping in his bed for the first time in 3 nights. OH my, it such a stresser when you have a sick baby. I say baby like he is a newborn. Well, you know what I mean. Anyway thank you guys for your thoughts and prayers and I believe we are on the recovery side, knock on some serious wood!
Thank you also to everyone who had to reschedule today. I really have the most amazing clients anyone could ask for.
I had Baby L's ordering session scheduled for today so I thought I would put up a quick peak.
She was 2 weeks old and absolutely precious. I love getting these babies so early.

I have also had some unbelievably wonderful sessions lately that I hope to be able to post soon. A special thanks to my clients who came from Jonesboro, Batesville, Greenbrier, South AR, and Dallas this past week. You don't know how honored that makes me feel:)

Don't you just love those newborn wrinkles and toes. They loose the wrinkles way to quickly!